AA • Aligned Art

This work came in over a three year period. The effects on our being of visual balance and color and the interesting faces that pop up when images are folded onto each other are interesting and even fascinating.

AA • Floating Cereus

40x40 Pigment Ink on Plexiglass

AA • Floating Cereus   •

AA • Make A Wish

40x40 Pigment Ink on Plexiglass

AA • Make A Wish

AA • Poppy in Red

48x48 Pigment Ink on Plexiglass


AA • Mushroom Detail


AA • Wood Detail

40x40 Pigment Ink on Plexiglass

AA • Purple Dream

AA • Feline Focus

AA • Daisy

AA • Minted

AA • Fall Thistle

AA • Frosted  Horizon

AA • Pink Peony

AA • Source

AA • Wax #1

AA • Life Springs

AA • Weaving

AA • Sentinel

AA • Root Bound

AA • TOTEM : Closer Please

AA • TOTEM • Shadows in Naples

AA • Black Forest

AA • Sky Island